Why use WordPress for your new Website? by Linda Butler of GGA Graphics

Why use WordPress for your New Website…

So you need a new website and you don’t know which way to go. You have heard of Wix and Shopify, and now you see the Squarespace advertisements on TV. Sure, with any of these platforms, you will get a great-looking website, but what about getting a professionally designed WordPress website? Here are 10 advantages of having a WordPress Website….

1. WordPress is the most popular way of creating a website

WordPress powers about 43% of all websites… and that is a lot of websites! That is more than any other website creation system out there on the World Wide Web. Wix powers about 2.3%, Shopify powers about 4.2% and Squarespace powers about 2% of all websites out there. Now that is telling you something!

2. WordPress is a self-hosted website builder

You can host your WordPress website on any website hosting service you like… and you can change hosts whenever you like. You aren’t stuck with the one hosting service, unlike Wix, Shopify or Squarespace. I use VentraIP Australia for my hosting service. They are 100% Aussie-owned with servers right here in Australia, and where your servers are based is important. The closer the servers are to the people looking at your website, the faster the loading time will be. Google just loves fast-loading websites. The faster your website loads, the further up you will be in your ranking on Google.

3. WordPress is free and open-source

You don’t actually have to pay to download and use WordPress, and if you choose the right website host, it can be excellent value for money. Don’t mistake WordPress.org and WordPress.com. WordPress.org is the home of the free, open-source WordPress software. You can download the WordPress software from WordPress.org and install it on your own web hosting. You can also modify the software as much as you want – it’s 100% yours to do with as you please. WordPress.com is a hosted solution that simplifies site management but limits customisation.

4. WordPress easily connects to your domain name

VentraIP website hosting offers heaps of domains including .com.au and .au domains. That means your domain name, emails and website are all nicely kept together in the one place. No messy redirecting from another domain provider.

5. You can have unlimited email addresses with your WordPress website

Your email hosting is combined with your web hosting service through your cPanel (this is where everything is stored). This makes it all tidy and keeps your hosting cost down as well. You won’t have to pay for a Google Workspace to store your emails.

6. With WordPress, you own your website

You will have 100% control over your WordPress website. When you create and host a WordPress website, you have control over the website’s content, design, functionality, and overall management. You’ll also have access to the largest theme and plugin marketplace out there, which gives nearly unlimited flexibility.

7. WordPress allows you to have nearly any type of website

WordPress is an incredibly versatile and flexible platform that can be used to create nearly any type of website. Whether you need a simple blog, a business website, an online store, a portfolio site, a news website, a membership site, a forum, a social networking site, or even a complex web application, WordPress can be adapted to suit your needs.

8. WordPress allows you to easily customise how your website looks

One of the key strengths of WordPress is its ease of customisation when it comes to the design and appearance of your website. WordPress offers a vast selection of themes, both free and premium, that you can install to change the overall look and layout of your website. Themes control the design elements, such as colours, fonts, header styles, and more. Add a page builder like Elementor, and you can easily build your new website. Elementor enables you to create custom page layouts with drag-and-drop elements. This tool offers a high degree of design flexibility without requiring coding skills.

9. You can extend your WordPress website’s functionality with plugins

WordPress plugins can help you add just about any feature to your website. There are more than 56,000 free plugins and thousands of premium plugins available for purchase. Plugins are available to enhance your website’s design and functionality. For example, you can add sliders, image galleries, lightboxes, and more to enhance the visual appeal of your site. What to add an event calendar? There is a plugin for that!

10. WordPress lets your website grow with your business

At the moment, you may just need a simple, single-page website. But as your business grows and changes, your site can change with you. Say you want to start selling online. Then simply add the WooCommerce plugin and you are set. And guess what! The WooCommerce plugin is free.

Ultimately, the choice of having a WordPress website is yours. It’s a versatile platform that can work well for individuals, small businesses, large enterprises, bloggers, and more.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Creating a website is less expensive than you might think. You can become a magnet for your dream customers with a website to help your business “GROW”. A great start is to select a WORDPRESS WEBSITE PACKAGE. There are 3 WordPress Website Design Package options to suit any budget.

There is a lot to consider when deciding on a new website, but I am here to help. CONTACT me today.

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