burdekin handyman brand design by GGA Graphics

Website and Brand Designed for a Burdekin Handyman…

Davin was starting up a new handyman business in the Burdekin so he contacted GGA GRAPHICS to help. We designed him a logo, business cards and flyers and created a mobile-friendly website. We also set him up with a professional-looking Facebook and Google page to help him get noticed.

Davin has since received so much work that he no longer wanted a website or Facebook profile.

logo design

We created a great looking logo

When designing Davin’s new logo, we carefully considered what colours to use. We chose blue as it portrays trust and dependability and yellow to add a bit of fun. Davin was going into people’s homes so this was important. He also wanted to use icons so we designed these to portray each service he was going to offer.

business card and flyer design and printing by GGA Graphics

We then created his business cards, flyers and more

Once Davin was happy with his logo, we then designed his business cards, flyers, car and fridge magnets and an advert to add to the local phone directory, myburdekin.com. We organised all his printing and had them sent direct to his door. We chose premium business cards for extra quality.

website design by GGA Graphics

Next step for Burdekin Handyman – a mobile-friendly website

Burdekin Handyman’s website was then created using WordPress. We set up the domain and web hosting, wrote the copy for the site so that it was suitable for search engine optimisation, optimised the images for fast loading times and added titles and meta descriptions to each page to ensure Burdekin Handyman would be found.

Facebook profile designed by GGA Graphics

But we didn’t stop there, Facebook and Google were set up

We set Burdekin Handyman up with a professional-looking Facebook business page with a great-looking cover image, and set up a Google Business Profile and Google Maps. We then added Burdekin Handyman to loads of sites including Bing, Sensis, Local Search, True Local, Yelp, Gumtree and more so Burdekin Handyman could be found.

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